2020: a special year for an international collaborative research project
What a very peculiar year 2020 has been for everyone around the world! This is also true for all the partners involved in the Horizon 2020 project SPRING. Despite the tough challenges faced by the project in the midst of a global pandemic, its preliminary phase is going as planned.

Full-house plenary on SPRING’s first anniversary

At the occasion of its first anniversary, the project held its third plenary meeting, the second one to be held fully online; since only the kick-off meeting could be held with all partners present in Paris in early 2020 (see our article on the kick-off HERE). 44 participants from 6 countries (France, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Czech Republic and Israel) came together on 28 January 2021 to review the advancement of the project.

SPRING’s main achievements in its first year

As highlighted by its PI, Xavier Alameda-Pineda from Inria (France), the core goals of the project have been achieved, although with reasonable delay considering most participating countries and institutions were under strict lockdown for a majority of 2020. In particular:
– the project is on track, in particular with regards to routine operations such as regular steering., and in view of its implementation plan;
– the 7 robots have been produced by the partner in charge (PAL Robotics, Spain) and are about to be delivered;
– the API design & server setup actions have started.

So far, SPRING has reached all of its milestones in time. The project is looking forward to further provide news on its advancement in 2021, which we hope will be better for everyone!

ARI-SPRING robot, Credit PAL Robotics