The SPRING-ARI robot has a component-based architecture that instantiates the robotic application by encapsulating different functionalities. This architecture is documented in our Deliverable 7.3, public access possible from our results page.

The aim of this document is to provide a first version of the software architecture of the SPRING-ARI Robot, considering the use-cases and the modules being developed. Specifically, we have:

  • Provided coding and integration guidelines to partners, specifically regarding the ISO of the robotic platform
  • Set up and maintain a continuous integration system, as well as develop software tools to automate as much as possible the software integration
  • Coordinated and supervised the initial integration cycle

All of the SPRING partners have integrated their respective modules and applications. To this end, this document is a high-level description of the main modules of the SPRING-ARI robot, and refers to the associated source code repository where the work has been carried out.

The preliminary structure of the SPRING-ARI software modules and API have been outlined in this document, followed by software and continuous integration guidelines set up. These as well as the source code will be updated regularly (check our results page for more).

SPRING Architecture