Researcher on Deep and Reinforcement Learning for Robotics @ Inria

Starting Date: February 1st, 2020.
Partner: Inria, Perception Team
Contact Point: Xavier Alameda-Pineda
Duration: From 2 and up to 4 years.
To apply

Mission: The Perception team offers a senior postdoc position to work in the field of multimodal learning for human robot interaction. More precisely, the objective is to learn robot behavior in human-robot interaction scenarios based on robot-motor feedback and on visual and audio data gathered with cameras and microphones mounted onto a robotic head. Emphasis will be put on learning social interactions between the robot and a group of people and on developing novel methodological concepts and practical solutions based on deep and reinforcement learning.

Main Activities:

  • Keep updated with the state-of-the-art and inform the SPRING team about relevant publications.
  • Conceive new learning methods, models and algorithms suitable for the role of Inria in the SPRING consortium.
  • Daily supervision of the development of software prototypes, experimental validation and publication writing.

Sought Expertise: The candidates should have strong expertise and a very good publication record in at two out of the following topics: machine learning, computer vision, audio signal processing. Moreover, they should have excellent written- and oral scientific communication skills. Senior postdoc candidates (2-3 years of experience after the PhD) will be preferred but junior postdoc candidates (0-1 year of experience) with strong CVs are encouraged to apply as well. The recruited researcher will work in close collaboration with the group members (two senior researchers, 4-5 PhD students and three development engineers) and with the SPRING partners.

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